Cole Lashley

Software engineer, specializing in embedded / IoT/ platforms development, networking / backend web, security, and machine learning

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About Me

Hello, my name is Cole Lashley. I am a Software Engineer. I do a lot of different things, but my main specialty is embedded devices programming with C and C++. I do a lot of backend web, cybersecurity, and machine learning stuff as well.

I am super passionate about computer science. I love making things, and I am super excited about all the ways that computers are changing our world for the better, and all the possibilities for the future.

I also make music and am an activist for UBI.


University of Maryland, College Park

 Degree: Computer Science

 GPA: 3.6

 Start Date: August 2019

 End Date: May 2022


I love making things and meeting people and I am always looking to collaborate on something cool. if you would like to hire me, or work with me on a project, or have a topic to discuss, reach out to me at my email ([email protected])